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Fleur Elise jewels are created with an eye for attention to detail.  Using a combination of unique materials and incorporating the latest trends Fleur's signature style  often includes a quirky twist thrown in the mix such as a lizard brooch, an oversized embellishment or a babushka bead.

Fleur Elise designs are mostly one off pieces to keep you looking original and may also incorporate up-cycled and re-purposed materials.  Careful thought is given to utilising as much of the material/s as possible to minimise waste which is also great for the environment!

Fleur Elise Designs is named after it's founder 'Fleur Elise' Gascoyne.  Fleur studied Civil Engineering at Latrobe University but has always been involved in creative outlets since a child whether it be painting, drawing, sewing or embroidery.  She was also surrounded by many talented creative family members especially her much adored grandmother Gwen who was still sewing into her 80's.  

A move to the Middle East some years ago for her husband's work enabled more time to pursue other interests which included taking a creative jewellery making course.  And thus a new passion was born!

As the admiration and interest in Fleur's designs increased she teamed up with other creative's and organised successful jewellery exhibitions & shopping events and sold her designs across boutiques in Dubai, Bahrain and Australia.  

Fleur also taught jewellery making in Dubai for several years and holds a Diploma in Professional Styling.  In 2009 Fleur decided to take her brand to the next level and opened her first Etsy shop enabling her unique designs to be enjoyed by customers all around the world.



Fleur's designs have been featured in several local and international magazines and Fleur Elise Designs was invited to design a 'Croc Couture' themed collection for Northern Territory Fashion week.


Through her various expatriate experiences and Etsy shop Fleur Elise has accumulated customers all around the world who all enjoy showing off their unique fleur elise jewellery creations!


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